Women’s and men’s clothing: basic rules to follow

No matter if you choose women’s or men’s clothing online or in a regular store, shopping can be
a difficult and confusing task. Sometimes you go to a department store or open an online
catalogue having an idea in mind, but once you get down to choosing, you have no idea where to
start. It comes as no surprise: there are so many different models, styles, cuts, patterns, colors
and brands that you may feel at a loss. Don’t worry, we are here to help you. In this blog, we
have collected some basic rules that will help you choose women’s and men’s wear.

Men’s clothing tips

1) Wear your suit well
One of the main rules when you look for men’s clothing is to find the right suit. The key to a suit
looking perfect on you is fit. If you want it off-the-peg, pay close attention to the fit across the
shoulders because getting the chest and waist altered is not a difficult job. Classic is the best
choice when it comes to suits – dark, two-button, single-breasted, moderate in details.
2) Don’t be afraid of color
No matter if you select a formal or a casual wear, do not shy away from a bit of color. Most men
are afraid of colors, limiting themselves to gray or navy. Try green, mustard, or brighter shades
of blue. These are versatile year-round shades that will lift your outfit.
3) Choose the right jeans
Jeans are still the most popular garment. Do not follow fashion blindly – take your time to select the cut that will suit you best. Most men benefit from wearing slim-tapered cut that is wider in thighs and feels comfortable, but, due to narrowing, can be worn with smart shoes. Avoid skinny jeans – they will make all the flaws of your figure conspicuous.
4) Keep your underwear simple
Style and fashion are not only what other people else can see. When it comes to underwear, there
are two rules you should remember. One, novelty prints are not intended for grown men – your
underwear is not the place to express your personality. Two, classic styles are the best. So, opt
for the cotton boxer short or boxer brief. They are comfortable, take repeated washing, and
breathe well.
5) Choose quality shoes
The design, the pattern, and the color should be simple and elegant. Anything fussy may look
good now but will look rather weird in a short while. Quality shoes are the kind of investment
that should last not for one season.

Women’s clothing tips

1) Find your style
The next time you admire a person’s personal image ask yourself “why do I like it?” If you truly
like it, you can try to replicate it or use some of its elements. Remember that you should capture
the feeling of an overall aesthetic. Gradually, you will understand how you want your style to
feel and to look, regardless of how many clothing items you have. People that have incredible
style are attuned to their tastes and effortlessly build a wardrobe out of them.
2) Wear your clothes at least once
Many women have a problem of never wearing a lot of clothing pieces they bought for some
reason but refuse to get rid of. You should clean your closet clutter, without spending more money or extra time on your wardrobe. Wearing every clothing item gives you one of two
things: a new vigor for it or a feeling that you do not need it anymore.
3) Increase your competency
Style works best when creativity meets competency. Sometimes this can come naturally, but
most often it’s a culmination of effort and self-expression over the years. Refine your rough
edges and you will find more freedom to create new and bold looks.
4) Embrace your body shape and figure
Your body is fashion’s ultimate accessory. When you try to understand how to dress, it can
hinder creativity, making you feel frustrated and left with limited options. Learning to work with
and love your body is one of your biggest resources.
5) Do not ignore neutrals
Even if you love bright colors, your style will never lose from having more neutrals you can
wear regardless of the occasion. Consider browns, greens, blushes, creams, burgundy, and other.

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